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Look at What Tracking Did!
You diligently entered resource work hours on tasks, recorded the
percentage of progress on tasks, and entered fixed costs. Now what? Well, all that
information has caused several calculations to go on — and updates to be
reflected — in your project. Time to take a quick look at the changes all your
tracking has produced in your Project plan.
Getting an indication
A lot of information in Project just sits there waiting for you to hunt it down
in obscure views or tables, but one tool that Project uses to practically jump
up and down and say, “Look at this!” is indicator icons. You’ve seen these
icons in the Indicator column and probably wondered what the heck they
were for. Well, these little symbols give you a clue to important facts about
each task, sometimes alerting you to problems or potential challenges.
Figure 14-1 shows several of these indicators, some of which relate to the
results of tracking your project.
Figure 14-1:
The check
marks here
that the
tasks are
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