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If you see an unfamiliar indicator icon crop up in your project, hold your
mouse cursor over the indicator. A box describing its meaning appears. To
get a list of Project icons and their meanings, go to Help, click the Index tab,
and type icon in the Search box. Click Search and then click Indicator Fields.
Lines of progress
Progress lines offer an additional visual indicator of how you’re doing. As you
can see in Figure 14-2, a progress line zigzags between tasks and forms,
showing left-or-right-pointing peaks. These peaks indicate late or early tasks (cal-
culated according to the status date you use when tracking). A progress line
that points to the left of a task indicates that the task is running late. Progress
lines that point to the right show that, wonder of wonders, you’re running
ahead of schedule. (Treasure these: They don’t seem to appear often in
Displaying progress lines
By default, Project doesn’t display progress lines. You have to turn them on.
And while you’re at it, you might as well specify when and how they appear.
Here’s how to make settings for and display progress lines:
1. Display Gantt Chart view.
2. Choose Tools
Progress Lines.
The Progress Lines dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 14-3.
3. If you want Project to always show a progress line for the current or
status date, select Always Display Current Progress Line and then
select At Project Status Date or At Current Date.
4. If you want progress lines to be displayed at set intervals, do the
a. Select Display Progress Lines at Recurring Intervals, and then select
Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
b. Specify the interval settings.
For example, if you select Weekly, you can choose every week,
every other week, and so on, as well as which day of the week the
line should be displayed for on the timescale. Figure 14-4 shows a
project with progress lines at regular intervals.
5. Choose whether you want to display progress lines beginning at the
Project Start or on another date.
To use the Project Start date, simply select the Project Start option in
the Begin At section of the dialog box. To select an alternate start date,
select the second option and then select a date from the calendar
dropdown list.
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