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Figure 14-4:
lines can
get rather
busy, but
they do
clearly how
delays grew
over time.
You can make this setting for multiple dates by clicking subsequent lines
in this list and selecting additional dates.
7. Finally, you can choose to display progress lines in relation to actual
or baseline information.
If a task has been tracked to show 50 percent complete and you choose
to have Project display progress lines based on actual information, the
peak appears relative to the 50 percent actual line, not the complete
baseline taskbar.
8. Click OK to save your settings.
You can use your mouse to add a single progress line quickly. On the
Tracking toolbar, click the Add Progress Line tool. Then click the Gantt chart
at the location on the timescale where you want the line to appear in the
chart. To delete the line, right-click it and choose Progress Lines. In the
Progress Lines dialog box, click the item you want to delete in the Progress
Line Dates list, click Delete, and then click OK.
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