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Formatting progress lines
In keeping with the almost mind-boggling array of formatting options Project
makes available to you, you can modify how progress lines are formatted.
As with any changes to formatting, you’re tampering with the way Project
codes visual information for readers. You should be cautious about making
formatting changes that cause your plan to be difficult to read for those who
are used to Project’s default formatting.
To modify progress line formatting, follow these steps:
1. Choose Tools Tracking Progress Lines.
2. Click the Line Styles tab, if necessary, to display the options shown in
Figure 14-5.
Figure 14-5:
Select line
styles and
colors with
3. In the Progress Line Type display, click a line style sample.
4. In the Line Type fields, click a style from the samples shown.
You can make two settings here: one for the Current Progress Line and
one for All Other Progress Lines.
5. You can change the line color, progress point shape, and progress
point color by making different choices in those boxes.
6. If you want a date to appear alongside each progress line, select the
Show Date for Each Progress Line option and then select a date from
the Format field.
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