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7. If you want to change the font used for the displayed date, click the
Change Font button and make your changes.
8. Click OK to save your settings.
When worlds collide: Baseline
versus actual
One of the most obvious ways to view the difference between your baseline
estimates and what you’ve tracked in your project is through taskbars.
After you track some progress on tasks, the Gantt chart shows a black bar
superimposed on the blue taskbar that represents your baseline. For
example, in Figure 14-6, Task 6 is complete; you can tell this by the solid black bar
that extends the full length of the baseline taskbar. Task 8 is only partially
complete; the black, actual task line only partially fills the baseline duration
for the task. Task 9 has no recorded activity on it; there is no black actual line
at all, only the blue baseline taskbar.
Figure 14-6:
The solid
line on
activity in
your project.
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