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Visual indicators such as taskbars and indicator icons are useful to alert you
to delays or variances between estimated and actual performance, but they
don’t provide any detailed information. To get the real lowdown on how far
ahead (or behind) you are, down to the day or penny, you need to give the
numbers a scan. The numbers that Project provides reveal much about
whether you’re on schedule and within your budget.
Two tables you can display in Gantt Chart view bring your situation into bold
relief. The Cost table and Variance table provide information about dollars
spent and variations in timing between baseline and actual activity.
The Cost table is shown in Figure 14-7. Here you can review data that
compares baseline estimates of fixed costs and actual costs. These two sets
of data are presented side-by-side in columns. In the project shown in
Figure 14-7, you’ve spent $190,350 so far, and your baseline estimate was
$182,750, giving you a variance of $7,600 over your budget.
Figure 14-7:
shows the
between the
total cost
and the
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