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To display a table, choose View
Table and click the table name.
Figure 14-8 shows the Variance table. This table is to your scheduling what
the Cost table is to your budget. It shows the variance between baseline start
and finish dates and task durations, as well as the timing that actually
occurred on tasks after your project got going.
Figure 14-8:
Use this
table to see
what delays
are doing to
If you created a slack task to help you deal with delays that might come up,
the total variance shown here will tell you how many days you may have to
deduct from the duration of the slack task to get back on track. Read more
about making adjustments in your plan to deal with delays and cost overruns
in Chapter 15 and about slack in Chapter 10.
Acronym Soup: BCWP,
In any view, you can insert several columns of data to give you some
calculated analyses of what’s going on in your project budget. Much of this data
will mean more to an accountant than to most in-the-trenches project
managers. If only to make your accountant feel more comfortable, you should
become familiar with some of the most common calculations. Also, many
organizations require information on these specific numbers in project
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