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Figure 15-6:
View your
Gantt chart
from an
using these
To perform an analysis, you first have to enter the three categories of
durations. Then you can perform the calculation and display three possible
futures in your Gantt chart. Follow these steps to use the PERT analysis:
1. Select the task you want to analyze.
2. Display the PERT Analysis toolbar and click the PERT Entry Sheet
The PERT Entry Sheet is displayed.
3. Enter the optimistic, expected, and pessimistic durations for the task
in the appropriate fields.
4. Click Calculate PERT.
Project estimates a task duration based on the average of the three
durations you entered. You can click the Optimistic Gantt, Expected Gantt,
and Pessimistic Gantt buttons on the PERT Analysis toolbar to see what
each scenario does to your project timing.
If you want to change the default weights for each scenario, click the Set
PERT Weights button on the PERT Analysis toolbar and enter new values.
Remember that the sum of all three numbers has to be equal to 6, so you
have to change at least two fields to make things jibe.
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