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Changing how resources are assigned
Beyond simply adding resources to a task, you can also make modifications
to existing assignments. On any given project, you might have dozens (or
even hundreds) of resources working on tasks. All those people are working
according to their working calendars, the percentage of resource time you
assigned to particular tasks, and their ability to do the job. Take a look at
how you assigned folks to begin with to see whether you could save some
time or money by modifying those assignments.
You can modify assignments in several ways:
If someone is working at, say, only 50 percent capacity on a task,
consider upping the person’s assignment units.
If you have someone available who could perform a given task more
quickly, switch resources on a task and then shorten its duration.
Consider having some people work overtime or be overbooked at
various points during the project. You may have modified an overbooked
resource’s assignments earlier to get rid of a conflict, but now you find
that there’s no choice but to have the resource work that occasional
12- or 14-hour day!
Remembering the consequences
Before you get carried away making changes to resources, think a minute.
Adding resources to effort-driven tasks can shrink them, helping your project
get back on track. However, depending on the resources’ hourly rates, this
approach may cost you more.
Remember that three people working on a task won’t necessarily
geometrically shrink the duration of the task. That’s because three people have to
coordinate their efforts, hold meetings, and generally do the things people do
when they interact that make their work a tad less efficient than when they
work alone. If you add resources, Project shrinks the task geometrically:
Consider going in and adding a little time to the task to accommodate the
inefficiencies of multiple resources.
The other concern about adding resources to tasks is that it could cause
more resource conflicts, with already busy people getting overbooked on too
many tasks that happen in the same timeframe. If you have the resources and
they have the skills and the time, though, beefing up the workforce is
definitely one way to perform some tasks more quickly.
To add resources to a task, you can use the Resources tab in the Task
Information dialog box or choose the task and click the Assign Resources
tool button on the Standard toolbar.
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