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After you work in the extra time provided to you, make sure that the new
timing of tasks doesn’t cause new resource conflicts, review the Resource
Graph view, and then reset your baseline to reflect the new schedule. You
reset a baseline by choosing Tools
Save Baseline. When asked
whether you’re sure that you want to overwrite the existing baseline, reply
Yes. Or choose Baseline 1-10 in the Save Baseline dialog box to save to a
different baseline and preserve the original.
Don’t forget to inform your team members of the new timing and provide
them with an updated version of your plan. You can do that easily using
Project Web Access, which I discuss in Chapters 18 and 19.
And now for something
completely different
If your manager tells you to cut some corners and sacrifice quality, you have
license to modify the scope of the project. You can cut out some tasks that
might ensure higher quality, such as a final proofreading of the employee
manual. You can hire cheaper workers. You can use cheaper paper or
computer equipment.
In Project, this means you have to do the following:
Take less steps: Delete tasks. (Click the ID of the task in Gantt Chart view
and click Delete.)
Use less expensive resources: Delete one set of resource assignments
and assign other resources to tasks in the Assign Resources dialog box.
Use less expensive materials: Change the unit price for materials you’ve
created in Resource Sheet view, as shown in Figure 15-8, or lower the
price of a Cost resource.
You can also take a more sweeping approach: Just redefine the goal of the
project. If your goal was to launch a new product line, perhaps you can
modify your goal to simply manage the design of the new product and then
leave the launch to a later date or another project manager. If you were
supposed to produce 10,000 widgets, could your company get along with 7,500?
To make such changes, you may have to slice and dice entire phases of your
project — or even start from scratch and build a new plan.
Consider saving your current project plan with a new name to give you a
head start. Clear the baseline (Tools
Clear Baseline), make your
modifications, and then save a new baseline.
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