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A task is simply one of those items you used to scribble on your handwritten
to-do lists, such as Write final report or Apply for permits. Tasks are typically
organized into phases (appropriate stages) in Project, arranged in an
outlinelike structure, as you can see in the project shown in Figure 1-1. Because timing
is essential in any project, Project helps you set up and view the timing
relationships among tasks.
Becoming a task master
A task can be as broad or as detailed as you like. For example, you can create
a single task to research your competition, or you can create a project phase
that consists of a summary task and subtasks below it. For example, the
summary task might be Competitive Research, with the subtasks Researching
Online Business Databases, Assembling Company Annual Reports, and
Reviewing Competitive Product Lines.
Adding tasks to a Project file doesn’t cost you a thing (except a nanobit of
memory), so a project can have as many tasks and as many phases as you
like. You simply use the outlining structure in Project to indent various levels
of tasks. The more deeply indented in an outline a task is, the more detailed
the task.
Figure 1-1:
spend most
of your time
in Project in
Gantt Chart
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