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Figure 16-3:
You may
have to click
a report
preview to
zoom in so
you can
read its
You can edit three categories of modifications for a standard report:
Definition: This includes the report name, the time period, the table of
information, any filters applied, and whether summary tasks should
Details: Details can be included for tasks (such as notes or
predecessors) and for resource assignments (such as notes or cost). You can also
choose to show totals, and add a border around the report or gridlines
between details.
Sort: You can sort by up to three criteria in ascending or descending
When modifying standard reports, you’ll encounter some variations. For
example, when you try to edit a Project Summary report, all you get is a text
formatting dialog box. However, the majority of reports are edited through
one dialog box, as shown in the procedure that follows.
To edit a standard report, follow these steps:
1. Choose Report
The Reports dialog box appears.
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