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2. Click Custom and then click Select.
3. Click a specific report and then click Edit.
Depending on the type of report you chose, the Resource Report, Task
Report, or Crosstab Report dialog box appears. The settings in these
dialog boxes are the same except for some default choices (for example,
which filter is applied). Figure 16-4 shows a Task Report dialog box.
Figure 16-4:
You can
make three
tabs’ worth
of settings.
4. Click the Definition tab, if it’s not already displayed, and make your
a. If you want a new name for the report, type the name in the Name
b. In the Period box, choose the period of time you want the report to
If you choose an increment of time from the Period field, such as
week (rather than choosing Entire Project), you can set the Count
counter to reflect the number of increments. For example, you
might set Count to 3 for three weeks, which provides a report on
the project covering data in three-week increments.
c. If you’d like a different table of information to be included, make a
choice from the Table field.
If you don’t change this setting, the table currently displayed in the
project is used.
d. If you want to apply a filter to tasks, choose one from the Filter field.
To highlight tasks that match the filter’s criteria, rather than
simply exclude those tasks that don’t meet the criteria from the
report, select the Highlight checkbox.
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