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5. Click the Details tab (as shown in Figure 16-5) and make your
a. Select various check boxes to include different types of information,
such as task notes or resource assignment costs.
b. If you want a border around these elements, select the Border around
Details checkbox.
c. If you want gridlines in the report, select the Gridlines between
Details checkbox.
This gives your report more of the appearance of a table.
d. To include totals of dollar amounts or hours, select Show Totals. If
you use a currency other than dollars, you can set that by choosing
Tools Options and setting the currency on the View tab.
Figure 16-5:
Some of
options may
be selected
on the
6. Click the Sort tab and make your selections:
a. In the Sort By field, click a sort criterion, and then select either
Ascending or Descending to choose a sort order.
b. If you want to sort by additional criteria, repeat Step 6a with the Then
By boxes.
7. Click OK to save your settings.
8. In the Reports dialog box, click Select to generate the report preview.
You can find more details about sorting in Chapter 15.
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