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Crosstabs: A different animal
Crosstab reports present slightly different settings when you edit them.
Figure 16-6 shows the Definition tab of the Crosstab Report dialog box. A
crosstab report tabulates a unique piece of data relative to column and row
definitions. Essentially, the cell formed by the column and row intersection
represents the unique data.
Figure 16-6:
Here you
have to
which three
define the
For example, you may have columns that list days and rows that list
resources. The piece of information where the column and row intersects is
resource work on a particular day. The report shows the hours of work by
each resource day by day.
When you edit a crosstab, you define the column, the row, and the piece of
data being compared. On the Details tab for the Crosstab Report dialog box,
you can make settings such as whether to include row or column totals, to
insert gridlines, and to display values of 0.
A Custom Job
Not impressed with the standard reports? Or perhaps none of those reports
quite fits your information needs? That’s okay. You can create as many
custom reports as your heart desires.
A custom report starts out with a report type, which can be task, resource,
monthly calendar, or crosstab. After you choose that basic category, you
simply work with the same Reports dialog box that you use to edit a standard
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