Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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4. Click OK.
You see a blank object box, along with tools, similar to the one in Paint
shown in Figure 16-12.
5. Use the tools of the program from which you inserted an object to
make, draw, insert, or format the new graphic object.
When you close this window, you go back to your Project file;
doubleclick the object to open its editing environment any time you like.
To insert an object into a notes field, open the Task or Resource Information
dialog box and then click the Insert Object tool. The Insert Object dialog box
appears. Then just proceed as in the preceding steps. A similar tool is
available in the Page Setup dialog box, where you can use the Header, Footer, or
Legend tabs to insert objects.
Formatting reports
You probably cut your computing teeth by formatting text in word
processors, so formatting reports will be a breeze. You have all the usual formatting
options available to you whenever you generate a report in Project.
Figure 16-12:
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