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To set margins using the Page Setup dialog box, follow these steps:
1. Click the Margins tab, which is shown in Figure 16-15.
As you modify margin settings, the preview shows you where they will
appear on your page.
Figure 16-15:
Set margin
2. Use the arrows to set the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right margins.
Click the up arrow for a wider margin and the down arrow for a narrower
3. If you want a border representing the margin, use the Borders
Around options.
Here you can choose to print a border on Every Page, on only Outer
Pages (prints a border on the first and last pages only; available only
when printing a Network Diagram view), or None.
Setting margins to be less than 1 2 inch (.5") could cause your printed output
to be cut off because printers can only print so close to the edge of a page.
Putting all the right stuff in headers and footers
Throughout the life of a project, you’ll print many versions of your project,
many reports, and many types of information using various tables. Headers
and footers are a great feature to help you and your readers keep track of all
this information.
You can use the Header (as shown in Figure 16-16) and Footer tabs of the
Page Setup dialog box to set and preview header (top) and footer (bottom)
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