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Figure 16-16:
The Header
and Footer
tabs are
You can also get to this area of the Page Setup dialog box by choosing View
Header and Footer.
Here are the settings you can make on these tabs:
Text location: Specify that the text you enter is to appear on the Left, at
Center, or to the Right of the header or footer by clicking the
corresponding tab and then typing the text.
Format text: Use the tool buttons; or, quickly insert such things as the
page number, the date, or a picture file.
Select standard text: Insert additional text by using the General and
Project Fields lists. The General list includes such things as Total Page
Count, Project Title, and Company Name. The Project Fields list includes
all the fields available in Project. You might use these to alert the reader
to key fields to review or the nature of the printout. To add General or
Project Field items, select them from their respective lists and then click
Add to add them to the Left, Center, or Right tab.
Working with a legend
A legend acts as a guide to the meanings of various graphic elements, as
shown in Figure 16-17. The Legend tab bears a striking resemblance to the
Header and Footer tabs except that the legend is generated automatically, so
all you can specify here is the text that fits in the box to the left of the legend.
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