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Figure 16-18:
This tab
is not
available if
printing a
Fit Timescale to End of Page: Scales the timescale to allow you to fit
more of your project on the page.
Print Row Totals for Values within Print Date Range: Adds a column
containing row totals. Pertains to printouts of Usage views.
Print Column Totals: Adds a column containing column totals. Pertains
to printouts of Usage views.
Get a preview
Granted, although software print previews aren’t quite as exciting as movie
previews, they help you get everything right before you print your project.
The Print Preview feature is accessible from many places in Project:
Choose File
Print Preview (to preview the current view).
Click the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar.
Click Print Preview on any tab of the Page Setup dialog box.
Generate a print preview when you select a specific report to print.
You can use the tool buttons in this view to do the following:
Move around the pages of the report by using the Page Left, Right, Up,
and Down arrows on the toolbar, as well as the horizontal and vertical
scroll bars.
View more detail by clicking the Zoom tool button and then clicking the
Focus on a single page or all the pages of your report by using the One
Page and Multiple Pages tool buttons.
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