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In Depth Information
Modify margins and the orientation of the printout by displaying the
Page Setup dialog box.
Display the Print dialog box by clicking Print.
Close the preview by clicking Close.
So Let’s Print!
Last but not least, here’s how to actually print that document for which
you’ve made all the wonderful settings discussed in this chapter. For this,
you need to deal with the Print dialog box, which you’ve seen a million times
in almost any other Windows program on the planet. (See Figure 16-19 for a
quick refresher.)
Figure 16-19:
Control the
printer, the
number of
copies, and
what prints.
Here are the settings you encounter in this dialog box:
The first area of this dialog box concerns the printer you will use. You
can choose a printer in the Name list, and click the Properties button to
control printer settings such as color quality and paper source.
The Print Range area allows you to print All pages or to select a page
range From one page number To another.
The Copies area contains one simple setting: Click the up arrow here to
print more copies or the down arrow to print fewer (but no less than 1).
The Timescale settings are unique to Project’s Print dialog box: Here you
can choose to print the entire timescale (the entire length of your
project) or only a range of dates within your project. Along with Print
Range, this setting helps control how much of your Project will print.
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