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Figure 17-1:
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side by side,
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Debrief your team
No project is the province of a single person. Even if no one else ever
touched your Project plan, your team still provided input for that plan
through the hours of activity they reported and the information they
provided to you during the course of your project.
Consider these suggestions for refining your communications process:
Ask people how the process of reporting actual activity worked. Did
you use e-mail, schedule notes, route files, or use the Project Web
Access tools such as Timesheet to gather resource information? Should
you consider taking advantage of all the benefits of online collaboration
for your next project?
Would your team rate your communications as frequent and thorough
enough? Did you share enough of your project with resources, or did
you inundate them with too much information? Did you send an entire
Project file to people regularly when a simple report on a specific aspect
of the project would have served you and them better? Did your
management team feel that your reporting on the project was sufficient for
their needs? Should you learn to take more advantage of other software,
such as Excel and Visio, accessed through Visual Reports?
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