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Figure 17-7:
Edit your
macro here.
To delete something within the code:
If you want to delete a piece of the process, you can usually
figure that out from the code. For example, if you see the line If
project is empty, alert the user and end the macro
and you don’t want the macro to include that step, just select it
and then press Delete.
Monkeying around with Visual Basic for anything much more complex could
mess up your macro. Because I don’t want to write another book on Visual
Basic at this point, I suggest that you keep your life and mine simple: Delete
the first macro and walk through the procedure again, re-recording it as a
new macro.
Customizing Project Guide
Project Guide provides a great way to walk yourself or other users through
the logical steps of setting up a Project file. However, your organization might
require additional or different steps for your specific projects. For example,
you might want to set up some internal accounting codes in all your projects.
You can customize Project Guide to give yourself and others in your
organization a great tool for building enterprise projects in a consistent way.
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