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By creating an XML format file, you can customize Project Guide content for
your organization. Essentially, you build a series of XML pages that you direct
Project to use for Guide content. I won’t give you a primer in creating XML
files, but I will tell you the procedure for directing Project to use your custom
To specify custom Project Guide content, do the following:
1. Choose Tools
The Options dialog box appears.
2. Click the Interface tab to display it, as shown in Figure 17-8.
Figure 17-8:
Specify the
XML file you
want to use
for Project
3. In the Project Guide Content section of the dialog box, select the Use
Custom Content radio button.
4. Enter the location of your XML file in the XML File for Custom Content
You can also click the Browse button there to locate the file, find it in the
Browse dialog box that opens, and then click OK.
5. Click OK.
The new Project Guide content is displayed in the Project Guide area
and toolbar.
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