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Chapter 18
Project Web Access for the
Project Manager
In This Chapter
Understanding Project Server and Project Web Access
Looking at the tools Project Web Access makes available to you
Reviewing resource availability and assignments
Building a team of resources in the Resource Center
Requesting status reports from Project team members
Sharing documents with your team
If you think that Project Server is like an add-on applet (a tiny application)
that works with Project, you’re wrong. It’s actually a full-fledged software
product that enables you to take your project — and all its accompanying
resources, tracking, and reporting — into the world of the Internet.
Project Server comprises two main components: the Project Server database
where project data is stored; and Project Web Access, the browser-like
interface that connects you and others to that database.
Note: To make life simple, I mostly simply refer to Project Web Access going
forward because that’s the interface and set of tools you’ll be working with.
However, Project Web Access is useless without Project Server: Before you
can actually perform the steps in this chapter and use Project Web Access,
somebody must install Project Server on your company network and
configure it for your company’s standards and requirements. This usually requires
that IT-type people stay up nights installing and configuring software and that
another team of people design the implementation. After all that is
accomplished, you can actually perform the steps listed here and not just read
about them.
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