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With Project Web Access (which works only with the Professional edition of
Microsoft Project), you can enhance communications, interactions, and
documentation for each and every project you undertake. This chapter looks at
who should use Project Web Access as well as how it can help any project
Figuring Out Whether Project
Web Access Is for You
Just as you don’t need a Hummer to run to the corner grocery store for milk
once a week, Project Web Access can be too high-powered a solution for
some organizations. Implementing Project Server and Project Web Access
involves not only money for product licenses but also requires some other
specific commitments:
Time to install and configure it
Effort to standardize how Project is used across your organization
Time and money to train people to use the tools
Ongoing maintenance of the Project Server database
Therefore, before you jump in with both feet to the Project Web Access
world, you should be sure that the benefits of using it outweigh the effort
Project Web Access is useful to organizations that have an enterprise
orientation, which means they make the effort to centralize information online in
some fashion so it’s standardized and available throughout the company.
Typically, this scenario is worthwhile for mid- to large-sized companies that
manage several projects at once across departments or disciplines. The
features accessed through Project Web Access provide the managers of these
companies with a way to orchestrate resources more efficiently and also get
a broad perspective on the efficiency and success of their project
management efforts across the organization.
Another plus to using Project Web Access is that it can make all project
information for the company available online through a company intranet that can
be accessed from anywhere in the world.
The benefits of using a Project Web Access solution include
Standard formats, reports, and resource information that can be
accessed and shared by all project managers for consistency among
multiple projects
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