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If your most tech-savvy person whom you will call on to install and configure
Project Server needs some help, I recommend you take a look at Microsoft
Project 2007 Bible (Wiley). Author Elaine Marmel does a stellar job of walking
you through Project Server issues (which I say not because she’s a friend, or
a fellow Wiley author, but because she’s just plain good!).
Getting a Handle on What You Can
Do with Project Web Access
Way back when there was no Internet, companies had to share information
by passing around memos. The guy in Manufacturing had no idea what the
people in Sales were up to until a handwritten purchase order was
handdelivered to his desk and he realized that he didn’t have enough products on
hand to fill the order.
Computer networks and the Internet changed all that. Suddenly information
could be shared in centralized online repositories. People could communicate
instantly through e-mail. An action in one part of the company could instantly
be seen in another, and that group could respond and act accordingly.
In a sense, Project Web Access is to Project what the Internet is to standard
business operations. Project Web Access works with Microsoft Project
Professional to provide the centralized information and communications that
can keep projects on track in our I-need-it-now world.
Project Web Access gives you an online project Command Central that can be
used by people in your project to
Communicate online, exchanging updates on progress and sending
suggested new tasks to project managers.
Make, view, and accept or decline task assignments from a
standardized resource pool.
Update activity on tasks by using a timesheet interface (as shown in
Figure 18-2).
Send and request status reports and review project information.
Manage project documents, creating and comparing multiple versions
of projects and setting up document libraries.
Attach important documents to a project. For example, you might
include a goal statement or Excel budget file with your project for others
to view online.
Use analysis tools to model what-if scenarios and determine risks and
progress on projects.
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