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managers in your company who use the enterprise features, and somebody
(or three or four somebodies) from your IT department who actually have to
set the thing up.
As with most network-oriented computing, everybody has a role to play and
has to be set up to use features on the network based on that role. Project
Server provides a user model with three types of participants, providing
various information and access requirements accordingly:
Managers, who oversee the day-to-day operations of a project
Team members, who perform the work on the project
Shareholders, such as clients and senior management, who require
regular updating on project progress, often across several projects in an
You should analyze how these roles relate to the functions in your project
teams and work with your IT folks to set up Project Server permissions
Gather information
Next, set up a process to research and come to an agreement on all the
enterprise-wide information you need to enter into Project Server, such as
resources, their rates, their calendars of availability; WBS (work breakdown
structure) code structure; standard report formats; custom fields you’d like
to include in the Project Server Enterprise Global Template (kind of like the
Global Template in Project 2007, but available online); and filters, views,
tables, and so on.
The key word in this planning process is standardization . By standardizing
the information in your projects and making that information available
online, you increase efficiency in building projects and provide mechanisms
for comparing projects in an apples-to-apples way.
Standardize processes
Pay special attention to the reporting process that different people use on
their projects. Standardizing reporting processes and formats ensures that
those who read reports about multiple projects can easily and quickly
understand what they’re looking at. Also, determine how project performance will
be assessed. For example, the way in which earned value is used in creating
tasks produces different measures of progress on projects.
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