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Don’t forget the training!
Project Web Access requires that different
people in your organization learn new tricks.
Your IT people need time to get up to speed on
setting up and maintaining the Project Server
database. Project managers have to learn to
use the timesheet reports to track projects.
Team members require some training on the
status report and timesheet features in Project
Web Access. Build in time and money to your
implementation process to make effective
training happen.
You can bone up on reporting by going to Chapter 16.
Coordinate with IT
Finally, work with your IT people to identify the Project Server features that
you want to use in your organization. For example, if maintaining an online
discussion is important to your company, you may want to create discussion
boards on your Project Web Access site.
Planning for problems
One final word about implementing Project Server and Project Web Access at
your organization: Because you will now be sharing resources and
information with others on a daily basis, put a little thought into how you’ll deal with
problems when they come up. For example, what happens if you want to use
a resource but another project manager already has that resource assigned
to a project? Or how do various project managers make use of tools, such as
resource leveling, to resolve resource conflicts?
Make sure that everybody understands the rules of etiquette involved in
working in an enterprise-wide fashion, sharing people, equipment, and information.
Looking Over the Project
Web Access Tools
So what goodies become available to you after your organization has been
through the somewhat daunting task of getting everything set up? It’s time
for a closer look at how you’ll use specific Project Web Access features in
your projects.
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