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Figure 18-4:
data in a
helps any
busy project
After you make assignments, the folks on your team can access timesheets
for their specific assignments and can get e-mail notification of those
assignments. Team members can delegate assignments to others on the team.
Then, the team member can review and approve status reports on work
performed on the task before sending those reports on to the project manager.
Of course, you don’t want everyone on a project to be able to pass the buck
when it comes to assignments: The project manager has control over who
can — and can’t — delegate tasks in a project.
Track your progress
In Chapter 13 of this topic, I tell you all about gathering resource-activity
information and entering it in your Project file to track progress. This can be
a somewhat tedious process. Wouldn’t it be nice if your resources could just
enter their work in timesheets that could be automatically imported into
Project to do your tracking for you? Well, I’ve got a surprise for you. . . .
One huge perk to using Project Web Access is the functionality that it gives
your team members to track their activity on tasks and also report their
progress to you online. Project managers can request updates or send
reminders shortly before updates are due.
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