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Team members can use the Microsoft Project Web Access interface to enter
actual activity into a timesheet. Web Access communicates directly with
Project on the project manager’s computer. As the project manager, you can
then make manual updates to your project plan or let Project make its own
updates automatically. You can also generate task update requests to help
you remind your team to keep you apprised of their activity and progress.
You can find out how to use features such as the tracking sheet in Chapter 19.
Figure out what’s going
on with status reports
You can design and request status reports, such as the one shown in Figure
18-5, which are essentially forms that the people on your project can
complete to explain the status of their tasks. These aren’t used to track and
record actual work performed. Instead, they help team members describe
various issues that come up and what’s going on with the progress of tasks.
Figure 18-5:
You specify
what you
want to see
in a status
You can request status reports and then work with your team’s responses.
One of the nice things about status reports for you, as a project manager, is
that you can assemble all the individual reports into a complete status report
for the project. Then you can make that report available to shareholders to
update them on the latest news.
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