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Getting set up
Before you can begin, you have to create a
Project Server account and then publish a
project to the Web. You use the Enterprise Options
on the Tools menu to create a Project Server
account, which involves entering the Project
Server URL and some access settings. Then you
can use the Publish command on the File menu
to publish a project to the server. Ask your IT
guy for some help on this, such as providing you
with the proper server URL and advising you on
how you should access that server. Or, again,
I recommend the Microsoft Project 2007 Bible
by Elaine Marmel (Wiley) if you feel like tackling
this on your own.
Working with the Gang Online
This section gets you hands-on with Project Web Access, where you can try
out some of its tools for team interaction. This isn’t an exhaustive rundown
of all Project Web Access has to offer, but it does get you working with the
interface and exploring the tools it offers. Depending on your projects and
your organization, you may take advantage of many other options.
Check resource availability
and assignments
One of the really cool things about Project Server is how it empowers project
managers to make resource assignments in a way that takes into account one
set of shared resources across a whole organization. The Enterprise Resource
Pool, which the Project Server administrator from your IT group can set up,
is available through the Resource Center. By using the Enterprise Resource
Pool, you can make assignments without having to re-create entries for all
your resources every time you create a project.
Here are the steps involved in checking the availability and assignments of
resources through Project Web Access:
1. Open your Project Server site and click Resource Center in the Action
Project displays the Resource Center. The resources for your enterprise
are listed here.
2. Select a check box to enable a resource.
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