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3. Click the View Assignments button.
The amount of work hours that the selected resource is assigned to on
specific tasks, along with the remaining hours of work on those tasks,
are listed, as shown in Figure 18-6. This list also shows the scheduled
start and finish dates of tasks.
Figure 18-6:
here are set
up by the
administering your
4. Choose Go To
View Availability.
The resource’s available work hours are listed day by day, starting with
the current date (see Figure 18-7).
While viewing assignments, you can quickly view the taskbar for any task by
clicking it and then clicking the Scroll to Task button.
Build a project team
With an entire resource pool at your disposal, after you know who is
available for your project, you can build a project team.
Follow these steps to build your project team:
1. Click the Project Center link on the Action pane to display it.
The Project Center is displayed.
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