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3. Select various check boxes for the people you want to add to your
4. Click Add.
All selected resources are added to your team.
5. Click Save.
The new team list is saved.
Request a status report
In an ideal world, every resource on your project would report to you
faithfully on his or her progress (and the news would all be good). In reality, the
news is often not so good, but there’s nothing Project or I can do about
that. However, Project Server does provide a way for you to design status
reports — and regularly nudge your team to submit them to you.
You can design a status report and also request that your team submit these
reports at intervals by using a handy wizard.
To request a status report, follow these steps:
1. From the Project Web Access home page, click the Status Reports link
on the Action pane.
The Status Reports page appears.
2. In the Request area, choose New
New Request.
The Status Report Request page, as shown in Figure 18-9, appears.
3. Complete the form by entering a report name, the frequency that the
report should be submitted to you, the start date for the report, and
the resources you want to have send it to you.
4. In the last area of the report titled Sections, click the Insert Section
button and type a name for the new section. Repeat this for every
section you want included in the report.
5. Click Send.
The request for the report is sent to each of the resources you indicated.
Share documents
One other great use of Project Web Access is as a place to share documents
with your team. Follow these steps to work with shared documents:
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