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Chapter 19
Project Web Access
for the End User
In This Chapter
Using Timesheet to enter actual work
Looking at project information
Setting up alerts and reminders
Viewing information about a Project Web Access user
Project Web Access is a marvelous tool for project managers to make
assignments, track progress, and communicate, but it also offers great
advantages to project team members.
Essentially, you can think of Project Web Access as a metaphorical two-way
street. That is, project managers can post projects, notify resources of
assignments, and request status reports, but the members of your project team can
also initiate actions. For example, they can record the time they’ve spent on
tasks, take a look at project information, send status reports to managers,
and set up alerts and reminders to keep them on top of their commitments.
Seeing Project Web Access
from the User’s Perspective
The main Project Web Access home page is shown in Figure 19-1. In the
various categories shown on the left here (My Work, Projects, Resources,
Reporting, and so on), you can view a wealth of project information. You can
also use the links in the Actions pane along the left side of the screen to move
around the site.
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