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A list of timesheets for various time periods in the project appear, as
shown in Figure 19-3.
3. Click the Click to Create link for the appropriate time period.
A timesheet like the one shown in Figure 19-4 labeled My Timesheet
As you can see in Figure 19-4, Timesheet view looks something like a
spreadsheet. To enter work on tasks, follow these steps:
1. Click the cell for a task and task category you want to update.
2. Enter the actual time you spent on a task on that particular day.
Use a number (such as 3, for three hours) in the appropriate date field.
3. After you enter all updates, click the Save or the Save and Submit
button at the bottom of the timesheet.
If you click Save and Submit, a dialog box appears asking you to choose
the person you want to submit the timesheet to. Use this Browse feature
to choose the person and then click OK to send the timesheet.
Figure 19-2:
view can be
Project Web
After you click Save, the changes that you make in the timesheet get stored in
the Project Server database, but they haven’t been used to update the
project yet. That’s up to Milt, your faithful project manager. Clicking Save and
Submit causes Project Web Access to send an e-mail to your manager, who
can accept or reject the updates in the project. Milt, the project manager, can
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