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Viewing Project Information
Project team members often don’t have Project itself loaded on their
computers, so they need a way to view the project plan. They can do that by using
Project Web Access. (Viewing project information works pretty much the
same whether you’re wearing a project manager or team member hat.)
To view a project, follow these steps:
1. Display the Project Web Access page.
2. Click the Project Center link in the Actions pane.
All the projects you have access to (as shown in Figure 19-5) are
Figure 19-5:
See an
overview of
going on at
3. Click the link for the project that you want to view and then click
The project is displayed (see Figure 19-6).
Your team members cannot edit this project plan, which is just as well:
I recommend that one person be responsible for making all the edits to the
plan to avoid confusion.
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