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Figure 1-6:
Planning to keep things on track
Projects aren’t frozen in amber like some organizational mosquito: They go
through more changes than a politician’s platform in a campaign year. That’s
where Project’s capability to make changes to your project data comes in
After you build all your tasks, give them durations and dependencies, and
assign all your resources and costs, you set a baseline. A baseline is a
snapshot of your project at the moment you feel your plan is final and you’re
ready to proceed with the project. After you set a baseline, you record some
activity on your tasks. Then you can compare that actual activity with your
baseline because Project saves both sets of data in your schedule.
Tracking activity in your project involves recording the actual timing of tasks
and recording the time that your resources have spent on those tasks, as well
as entering any actual costs that accrue. You can then display Project views
that show you how far off you are at any time (compared with your baseline)
in terms of the actual timing of tasks and cost of your project.
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