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Figure 19-7:
Create and
reminders to
keep you on
3. In the Task Alerts area, you can request to be notified about various
Make settings here to be notified when you are assigned to a task or
when the task is modified.
4. In the Task Reminders area, you can set up all kinds of reminders to
let you know a task will start or be due soon.
You can even make a setting to be reminded periodically about any
incomplete or overdue task.
5. In the Status Report Alerts area, adjust settings to alert you to respond
to status report requests.
You can choose to be notified when a new status report request appears
or when a status report is due or overdue.
6. Click Save to save all your settings.
Viewing Information about Other Users
When you work on projects, you work with other people for the most part.
How many times have you been working on a deadline and found you had to
contact somebody only to forget that person’s name, e-mail address, or even
what department he works for?
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