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campaign if all you can anticipate at this point is what the market-research
phase will look like. Because the additional elements of an actual marketing
campaign hinge on that market research, do first things first: Build your
project in phases. That way, you’ll have less reworking of later tasks that simply
couldn’t be anticipated when you began. You’ll also have less need to
manipulate the baseline for those later tasks: If they’re too far in the future, by the
time you get there, their time demands won’t look anything like what you
originally set aside for them.
Don’t set tasks that are far in the future in stone too early in the game.
Here are some Project features that help you with this process:
The capability to combine subprojects into a master project with linking
Network Diagram view, which helps you visualize phases of your project
The flexible nature of Project outlines, allowing you to hide or display
different phases of a project
See Chapter 5 for more about the best ways to manipulate outlines.
Get Your Ducks in a Row
Before you start creating your project, do your homework. If you don’t have
all the information that you need when you sit down at your computer to
work with Project, you’ll find yourself constantly stopping, mid-plan, and
running off to find that information. This isn’t a very efficient way to work.
Here are some things to research before you sit down to build a project
Resource information: For people, this includes the full name, contact
information, manager and manager’s contact information, skills, cost,
schedule, and timing conflicts. For equipment or facilities, find out their
availability and cost.
Team structure: Does everyone do his or her own tracking, or does
someone else on the team input everyone’s progress? Who updates the
schedule for changes? Who gets copies of which reports? Should your
team have access to the master schedule online? Does everyone on the
team have the technology to communicate using collaborative features
such as Project Web Access?
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