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Share updates to your plan through Project Web Access so that nobody
can say he or she was out of the loop when some important change
came down. (See Chapter 18.)
Keep Your Team in the Loop
I’ve worked in offices where I spent more time wrestling with whom to keep
informed about what than I did working. If I didn’t include marketing and
finance in every e-mail on a new product launch, I’d be called on the carpet
the next day, or (worse) some vital action step would fall through the cracks
because someone didn’t know he or she was supposed to take action. Try
these methods of keeping communication channels open:
Use Project features that allow you to integrate with Outlook or other
e-mail programs to route Project files or other communications.
Build address lists in your e-mail program specific to your project team
so that every message goes to everyone, every time.
Review progress with your team by meeting regularly, whether in
person, over the phone, online in a chat area, or by using meeting
software. Make sure that each team member has the latest version of the
Project schedule to refer to during these meetings.
Use the Send to: Exchange Folder command to post the latest version of
a project in a folder on your network so others know what’s going on.
If you run SharePoint Services, you can use the integrated task pane in
Project to work with the Shared Workspace feature. Shared Workspace is
a great, centralized place to post and exchange project-related
documents created in any Office 2007 application.
Display the work-breakdown structure code on reports so you can easily
refer to specific tasks in large projects without confusion.
Take advantage of the Printing wizard in the Project Guide. This feature helps
you find the best way to print various views of your project to share hard
copy updates with your team.
Measure Success
When you begin your project, you should have an idea of what constitutes
success and a way to measure that success. Success can involve attaining
many goals, such as
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