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Customer satisfaction
Management satisfaction
Being on budget
Being on time
When you start your project planning, know how you’ll measure your
success. Will success in budgeting mean that you don’t exceed your original
estimates by more than ten percent? Will your project be considered on time if
you worked the estimated amount of weeks on it minus a two-month period
when you went on hold for a union strike, or is the total working time less
important than meeting a specific deadline? How will you measure customer
satisfaction? Will management satisfaction be a done deal if you get a
promotion or if your division receives more funding? Does a successful product
launch include high sales figures after the launch, or was your project
successful merely because you got it out the door?
Place milestones in your project (as shown in Figure 20-2) that reflect the
achievement of each type of success. When you reach each milestone, you
can pat your team on the back. Knowing what success looks like helps you
motivate your team to get there.
Figure 20-2:
along the
way that
give your
team a
feeling of
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