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Have a Flexible Strategy
Stuff happens. There’s never been a project that didn’t require
accommodations for surprises along the way. The mark of a good project manager is that
he or she is alert to these changes and makes adjustments to deal with them
This isn’t always easy: It’s really, really hard to be the messenger bearing bad
news. However, avoiding a problem in your project, hoping it will go away,
has a nasty habit of snowballing. The following tools can help you stay alert
to changes and make adjustments:
The Resource Substitution Wizard helps you make changes when the
one resource you counted on suddenly wins the lottery and disappears.
The new Change Highlighting feature can help you see where changes to
your schedule pay off in a trimmer budget or faster schedule.
Use the Portfolio Modeling feature to try what-if analyses on your
project to anticipate how possible changes might affect you.
Use various views (such as Network Diagram view shown in Figure 20-3)
to see the critical path of your project and track how much slack you
have left. Adjusting tasks to efficiently use up their slack can keep you
on schedule in a crisis.
Figure 20-3:
A critical
path can
be seen
ways using
views and
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