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DecisionEdge Chart and Report Products
Enhance Project’s Own Tools
Makers of business intelligence software such as DecisionCharts and
DecisionReports for Microsoft Project, DecisionEdge (www.decisionedge.
com) offers reporting and graphics software products that add functionality
to Project. You can use these tools to help you visualize resource challenges,
get a handle on your project schedule status, and gauge how well you’re
Go to the DecisionEdge Web site to see a sample gallery of charts and reports
that use a variety of graphic effects and colors to get your message across.
Check out the Dashboard charts, which show a combination of several
different charts in one report; these help your executives get a one-glance
overview of your progress.
Even with the more graphical options in Project’s new Visual Reports
feature, you can benefit from the more advanced graphics capabilities of
DecisionEdge’s products.
Cobra Squeezes the Most
from Cost/Earned Value
WST Corporation (, which makes its own complete project
management package called Open Plan, also produces Cobra, a cost/earned
value management software package that you can use with Project plans.
Cobra tools offer functionality in estimating, what-if modeling of costs, and
budget forecasting based on information in your Project schedule. I
especially like the multiple rate files feature that makes it easy to juggle several
resource rates within a single project.
Cobra not only allows you to define certain budget calculations yourself, but
it also offers more flexibility than some of Project’s costing features. In
addition, the Chart Template Designer lets you play around with a variety of 3-D
charts, which you can manipulate and rotate in several ways, expanding your
options for presenting Project data in three dimensions.
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