Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Appendix A
On the CD
In This Appendix
System requirements
Using the CD with Windows
What you’ll find on the CD
System Requirements
Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements
shown in the following list. If your computer doesn’t match up to most
of these requirements, you may have problems using the software and files
on the CD. For the latest and greatest information, please refer to the ReadMe
file located at the root of the CD-ROM.
A PC with a Pentium or faster processor
Microsoft Windows XP or later
A CD-ROM drive
If you need more information on the basics, check out these books published
by Wiley Publishing, Inc.: PCs For Dummies, by Dan Gookin; Windows XP
For Dummies and Windows 2007 Professional For Dummies, both by Andy
Using the CD
To install the items from the CD to your hard drive, follow these steps:
1. Insert the CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive. The license
agreement appears.
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