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change highlighting: A feature that highlights any changes you make in your
project since you last saved it.
circular dependency: A timing relationship among tasks that creates an
endless loop that can’t be resolved.
collapse: To close a project outline to hide subtasks from view.
combination view: A Project view with task details appearing at the bottom
of the screen.
constraint: A parameter that forces a task to fit a specific timing. For
example, a task can be constrained to start as late as possible in a project.
Constraints interact with dependency links to determine a task’s timing.
cost: The amount of money associated with a project task when you assign
resources, which are equipment, materials, or people with associated fees or
hourly rates.
critical path: The series of tasks that must occur on time for the overall
project to meet its deadline.
critical task: A task on the critical path. See also critical path.
crosstab: A report format that compares two intersecting sets of data. For
example, you can generate a crosstab report showing the costs of critical
tasks that are running late.
cumulative cost: The planned total cost to date for a resource’s effort on a
particular task. This calculation adds the costs already incurred on a task to
any planned costs remaining for the uncompleted portion of the task.
cumulative work: The planned total work of a resource on a particular task.
This calculation adds the work completed on a task to any planned work
remaining for the uncompleted portion of the task.
current date line: The vertical line in a Gantt Chart indicating today’s date
and time. See also Gantt Chart.
CV (cost variance): The difference between the baseline costs and the
combination of actual costs to date and estimated costs remaining (scheduled
costs). The cost variance is either positive (over budget) or negative (under
deadline date: A date you assign to a task that doesn’t constrain the task’s
timing. However, if a deadline date is assigned, Project displays an indicator
symbol if the task runs past the deadline.
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