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dependency: A timing relationship between two tasks in a project. A
dependency link causes a task either to occur before or after another task, or to
begin or end at some point during the life of the other task.
detail task: See subtask.
duration: The amount of calendar time it takes to complete a task.
duration variance: The difference between the planned (baseline) task
duration and the current estimated task duration, based on activity to date and
any remaining activity still to be performed.
EAC (estimate at completion): The total planned cost for resource effort on a
specific task. This calculation combines the costs incurred to date with costs
estimated for a task’s remaining work.
earned value: A reference to the value of work completed. A task with $1,000
of associated costs has an earned value of $750 when it’s 75 percent
complete. See also BCWP.
effort-driven: A type of task that requires an assigned amount of effort to be
completed. When you add resources to an effort-driven task, the assigned
effort is distributed among the task resources equally.
enterprise custom fields: Custom fields stored in a global file; these fields
can be used to standardize Project plan content across an organization.
enterprise resources: A feature that allows you to save all resource
information for resources used across an organization in one location.
estimated duration: A setting that indicates that you are using a best guess
of a task’s duration. When you enter an estimated duration for a task, you can
then apply a filter to display only tasks with estimated duration, which
reflects the fact that they have questionable timing.
exception: A specified date or date range that is not governed by the default
working time calendar.
expand: To open a project outline to reveal both summary tasks and subtasks.
expected duration: An estimate of the actual duration of a task, based on
work performance to date.
external task: A task in another project. You can set links between tasks in
your project and external tasks.
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