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In Depth Information
Figure 1-9 also shows resource leveling (a calculation that automatically
reschedules resources to resolve overbooking), which can enable you to
manage resources much more effectively. You can see how overbooked
the Information Systems Analyst is on this date.
You can use codes for resources that designate skill levels or abilities so that
finding the right resource for each job is as simple as performing a search.
From To-Do List to Hard Drive
If you’re reading from start to finish in this chapter, you’re probably shaking
your head and saying, “Boy, handwritten to-do lists look pretty good right
now. Beats creating hundreds of tasks, assigning them durations, establishing
dependencies among them, creating resources, entering resource calendar
and rate information, assigning resources and costs to tasks, entering activity
performed on tasks . . .” and so on.
Well, you’re right and wrong about that. You do have to enter a lot of
information into Project to get the benefit of its features. But you can also get a lot
out of Project.
Getting up to speed with Project
Take a moment to look at some of the wonderful things Project can do for
you. This list describes why you (or your company) bought it and why you’re
investing your time to read this topic.
With Project, you enjoy the following benefits:
Project automatically calculates costs and timing for you based on your
input. You can quickly recalculate what-if scenarios to solve resource
conflicts, get your costs within budget, or meet your final deadline.
Project offers views and reports that, with the click of a button, make a
wealth of information available to you and those you report to. No more
manually building a report on total-costs-to-date to meet a last-minute
request from your boss. If she wants to know total-costs-to-date, you can
just print your Tracking Gantt view with the Tracking table displayed.
See Chapter 16 for information about reporting.
You can use built-in templates to get a head start on your project. Project
templates are prebuilt plans for a typical business project, such as
commercial construction, an engineering project, a new product rollout,
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