Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Table 1-1
Project Help Features
Help Option
How to Use It
Microsoft Project Help
This option displays the full Help feature with a
table of contents and a search field.
Show the Office Assistant
Displays the annoying little icon that asks you to
enter your question in a natural-language style
(that is, a sentence) and offers topics to try to
address your questions.
Contents and Index
Displays the same thing as Microsoft Project
Help. Go figure.
Provides reference information such as a
comprehensive list of all fields in Project, a glossary,
and a table of mouse and keyboard shortcuts.
Getting Started
A side menu for this Help menu option offers a
tutorial and project map. The tutorial provides a
set of topics explaining Project from the basics
of what is project management through
creating a plan. The project map is another take on
the phases involved in building your project.
Microsoft Office Online
Because Project is part of the Office family of
products, this link is provided to the Office
online Assistance Center.
Microsoft Office Diagnostics
This option automatically identifies errors and
tries to correct them. Use it if you have serious
problems using the software (for example, if the
software continually shuts down and gives you
error messages).
Project Guide
The one option not accessed from the Help
menu, Project Guide is new in Version 12.
Project Guide, which appears when you open a
new project, offers links to step-by-step
information on how to build your project.
As you can see, you could spend a year just working your way through all the
help topics in Project. Don’t worry: They’re there when you need them, and
some, such as Project Guide, even pop up automatically to offer help.
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