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Chapter 2
The Best-Laid Plans
In This Chapter
Finding your way around Project
Exploring Project views
Personalizing views for your needs
Homer (not Simpson — the other one) once said, “The evil plan is most
harmful to the planner.” In the interest of helping you avoid the evils of
bad planning, take a moment to get comfortable with various aspects of your
Project plan.
The file that you create in Project is called a Project plan, or schedule. This
plan is like a multidimensional chess game from Star Trek, with a plethora of
data about various aspects of your project as well as graphical
representations of that information.
To see that information, Project provides more views than the Grand Canyon.
These views help you observe the structure of your plan and see the progress
in your project. Project also offers many ways to move around and display
different information in your views. Navigating Project and displaying (and
modifying) its views are the topics covered in this chapter.
Navigating Project
Having a lot of views from which to observe your project information is great,
but all those views don’t do you any good if you don’t know how to get from
one to the other or how to move around in a view after you find it.
Changing views
You can move from one view to another in Project by using the View bar or
the View menu. The View bar runs along the far left side of every view, as
shown in Figure 2-1. Simply click any view icon there to display that view.
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