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Use these different methods to work with scroll bars:
Click the scroll box and drag it until you reach the location in the
pane that you want to look at. When you click and drag the scroll box
to move through a timescale display, the date display indicates where
you are at any time in your scrolling calendar. Release the mouse button
when the date display matches the date you want to view.
Click to the left or right of the horizontal scroll box to move one page
at a time. Note that a page in this instance is controlled to some extent
by how you resize a given pane. For example, with a timescale pane and
a timescale set to weeks, you move one week at a time. In a sheet pane
displaying three columns, you move to the next (or preceding) column.
Click the right or left arrow at either end of a scroll bar to move in
smaller increments. With a sheet pane, you move about one-half column
per click. In a timescale view with weeks displayed, you move about one
day at a time.
Getting to a specific spot in your plan
To reach a particular area of your Project plan, you can also use the Go To
command on the Edit menu. With the Go To command, you can enter either
of two items in the Go To dialog box when you want to find a task:
A date from a drop-down calendar
A task ID
You can also click the Go To Selected Task tool (or press Ctrl+Shift+F5) to
scroll the timescale to show the taskbar for a selected task in the sheet pane.
The task ID is assigned automatically when you create tasks; this number
provides a unique identifier for tasks in the plan.
A Project with a View
Views are one way software designers organize information so that you
can get to it in logical ways. Because of the complexity of information in a
typical Project plan, many views are available to examine it. If an average
word-processed document is as complex as a cookie, your average Project
plan is more like a five-tier wedding cake adorned with intricate flowers and
garlands in delicate swirls of sugary icing.
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